Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork

ScarWork™ was developed by Sharon Wheeler of Seattle, United States.  Sharon Wheeler trained with Dr. Ida Rolph, the founder of Structural Integration known as Rolphing.

Sharon has spent over 40 years developing her techniques to improve the health and feel of scars from surgery or accidents and now with the help of two specialist trainers in the UK, has started to train specialist Therapists in her ScarWork techniques.

Following an accident, injury or surgery, our bodies begin the complex process in which the skin, and the tissues under it, repair themselves.  During this process internal scar tissue is also formed which reach down into the surrounding tissues and create adhesions that can join to other internal structures, impacting on the natural processes such as the movement of fluids and can cause changes in sensation, pain and discomfort.

ScarWork is a non-invasive therapy that was developed to help improve the mobility of the scar, fascia and underlying tissues by helping to reconnect and promote healing on the scar surface and reduce adhesions and fibrosis in the underlying tissues. 

How soon can I have ScarWork?

ScarWork can begin once the post operative check up has been carried out approximately 10 weeks post surgery and it is never too late to start work on a scar.

Does it hurt? 

ScarWork is rarely painful, and uses light touch and gentle movements so is rarely uncomfortable, even for new scars.  Practitioners work gently on and around the scar area, using gentle repetitive movements to stimulate circulation and promote tissue health.

After treatment

Clients often comment their scars feel softer, less tight and notice that mobility has improved. Scars often appear visually lighter, with ridges appearing less prominent and an improvement to feelings of numbness, pain or sensitivity. Not all clients will have a visual change, but usually the scar will feel softer, smoother and looser after treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed will vary depending on the scar and the outcome you are looking for.  Many notice immediate improvements after the first session,  although between 4-8 treatments generally between 1 and 4 weeks apart offers clients the best a level of improvement and each set of circumstances differs.

What Scars can be treated?

Abdominoplasty scar

Accident scar
Bowel resection scar
Breast augmentation & reduction scars
Cancer surgery scar
Carcinoma and melanoma removal scars
Childhood scars
C-section scar
Drain and port scar
Facial scars
Gallbladder or appendix removal scars
Hysterectomy scar
Joint replacement (knee, hip and shoulder)
Keyhole surgery scar
Open Heart Surgery scar
Spinal surgery scar
and many more....

ScarWork for Burn Scars
ScarWork treatment may help improve the mobility in the skin, fascia and any adhesions in the underlying tissue following a burn. Treatments aim to stimulate the upper layers of the tissue to help encourage improvement. Burn scars often have a larger surface area and treatment may be required over a ongoing period to gain the improvement sought. 

An initial telephone consultation will be undertaken to discuss your individual needs and ensure ScarWork is right for you   


First appointment and full consultation allow 90 minutes - £45

Further sessions up to 60 minutes - £30 

Please note that hands on treatment time will always depend on the response of the area being worked.

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