Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage uses a variety of techniques working in the same direction as the blood flow back to the heart. Great for circulation, reducing tension and keeping the body supple and relaxed.

Relaxation Massage
This massage incorporates  long flowing movements to help stimulate circulation, boost your immune system, relieve tension and muscle stiffness to leave the body feeling relaxed and providing an overall sense of wellbeing.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
LDM Massage is a slow, gentle, rhythmic massage that aims to improve lymphatic flow and reduce toxins in the body. LDM can be effective pre and post surgery, and offers natural support for your immune system. No oil is used during this massage and LDM can be incorporated into other treatments.

Indian Head Massage (30 minutes)
This treatment can be given with or without the use of oils. The neck, shoulders, back, face and ears and scalp are massaged using a variety of strokes with lymphatic and pressure point techniques and is brilliant for relieving tension and pressure. 

Seated Massage (30 minutes)
This massage incorporates various styles of massage. No oil is used and it is carried out over clothes applying rhythmic pressure to the back, shoulders, arms, neck, hands and scalp.  A great massage for relieving tension and muscle pain, particularly in the back neck and shoulders whilst increasing energy and focus.​

Corporate wellbeing days and event services quoted for on request.

Please be aware that approximately 15 minutes at initial treatment will be used for consultation. 

30 Minutes - £28 

60 Minutes - £33 

90 Minutes - £48

Please note in a 60 minute session, hands on treatment time is generally 50 minutes